Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Turtles, Ssockvark & Elephants oh my!

TurtleMack laptop cozy

Lacey the Elephant, she is made from an awesome pair of socks that I found in Las Vegas of all places. I just love her eyes, I bought them from a fellow etsian enamieyes. they are hand-painted with colorful polka dots. reminded me of confetti cupcakes. yum!

I had a million requests to make an Aardvark from socks. well, maybe not 1 million requests, but you know what I mean... this is a close-up of the face, you can see more photos here. she sold in one day and I kind of miss her...

Zero loves his Sock Monkey

he brings me pure joy. and this picture is a guaranteed smile. :)

new stuff

here's a peak at some new thingies I've pushed thru the shop. I feel like I'm in a tornado! everything is happening so fast and I haven't even started on my Halloween stuff! (this means I am WAY behind schedule, and will be making Christmas ornaments in Nov when I should be selling them...) anyway, I've been front-loaded w/ custom orders. and when I finally can take some time off from work and get onto other things in the shop... I'll start on the holiday items and kick this puppy into gear!

Pink Skulls and Lace laptop cozy

mmmm... cupcakes! laptop cozy

Rainbows Cupcake and Crossbones messenger bag

I started working with felt and used it on both cupcake bags. I realized that felt is not to be underestimated! there's so so so so so so so much you can do with it! the possibilities are endless... oh my.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

what's new?

I took the day off from my "real" job today. I had great intentions to get other things done, but instead I relished in the fact that I had time off and took it pretty easy. the day isn't over yet, and I suppose there is still hope that I may tackle parts of my list before I turn into a pumpkin a midnite.

until then- feast your eyes on 2 things that I DID accomplish today:

Baby Blue Sock Hippo

hair clips for my Halloween costume "Gargoyle Fairy"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lindsey's wedding

I was asked by my good friend, Lindsey, to shoot her wedding for her. I was so excited and honored that she asked me to take on this task! I feel like you owe it to the bride to do everything perfectly well for them on that day. good thing she is an absolute joy to work with and doesn't take things to seriously (as I tend to do).

our scene took place in Yachats, Oregon- it was a spectacular day. and a great one for a wedding!

this is my favorite shot from the day. which, of course, took no set up at all and I didn't even have my camera settings ready. but I looked up and saw her standing there and I knew. I just felt it in the pit of my belly that this was my shot.

she is breathtaking.

*I own all rights to this photograph.

where have you been?!

busy. that's where.

Summer has really caught up to me. is it still Summer, right? I know it's September, and it feels like Fall. things like turning on my pellet stove the last 2 days make me feel that change is a'comin and I'm ready for it!

here are some pics of what I've been up to lately:

Pink Skulls laptop cozy

Paul Sockley~ the Starchild, KISS

Pink Butterflies slouch bag

I'm planning to take some time off from my day job in October in order to get caught up and get a head-start on the holiday season.