Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Giveaway for boxhounds on Etsy!

in an effort to bring some traffic to my husband's new shop on Etsy, I thought we could do a Blog Giveaway! (this is my first one so bear with me!!!)

what we make: Lego Minifig key chains! we love creating characters that you know and love. we use pieces from our private collection, but also purchase new parts when necessary to create a special character.

future upcoming key chains: Inspector Gadget, Penny & Brain, Terminator, the Ghostbusters, Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow (GI Joe) and Master Chief from Halo.

what you will win: one of our Lego Toilet key chains:

what you need to do: Take a look around boxhounds Etsy shop, come back and post a comment telling us what you loved and give us a suggestion to what you'd like to see. be sure to leave a valid email address so we can contact you, if you win!

earn extra entries by: (Leave a comment for each extra entry)
1. following my blog (or let me know you are already a follower)
2. following my Twitter (or let me know you already follow)
3. retweet my post on Twitter (once per day, please make sure you include the @mention, so you get credit!)
4. Blog about this giveaway (post the link in a comment, once per day)
5. becoming a fan on Facebook

6. recruit your friends and friends of friends... just kidding! I think that's enough "rules"!!

The winner will be picked on February 19th @ 3 p.m. PST. I will notify the winner via email and will also post it in a comment on the Blog. Please make sure your email address is accurate. The winner will have 48 hours to provide us with their choice of item and shipping information or another name will be picked.


  1. OK here goes:

    I don't have any suggestions for the boxhounds Etsy shop right now but I'll keep thinking in meantime. I do heart the shop however...

    I already follow your blog on Google Reader and it's on my preferred blog list on my blog.

    I already follow you on Twitter. :)

    I can definitely reTweet your posts.

    I can share your posts on Facebook.

    AND I'm already a fan on Facebook.

    I think that about covers it. :D

  2. WAHOO! :D

    that's like a hat trick! or better than a hat trick... ooooohhh...

    be sure to think of something and let us know your fave key chain!

  3. I love the Hagrid keychain!!! I would love to see some Toy Story ones...
    I'm a fan and I'm a follower...:)

  4. thanks Xgirl!

    Hagrid is pretty fun! and is actually GIANT compared to the regular-sized minifigs.

    we do have some Toy Story ones listed in the shop! the Green Army Men are actually from the movie sets. but I'm assuming you want Woody and Buzz... ;) I do have a pair and can't bring myself to get rid of them. haha

    but we'll price shop them and see if it's feasible! thank you for the suggestions! good luck!

  5. OK- so out of 9 possibilities (the amt of opportunities that were posted)...

    campblsoupgrl is our WINNER!


    contact me w/ your info, so I can get the Lego Toilet key chain sent to you!

    thanks for playing ladies. <3

  6. it was really fun meeting campblsoupgrl @ Borders today to give her her key chain! by a freak of nature or whatever, we actually met the day before in JoAnn...

    she loved her new Toilet & even had lunch w/ me!