Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Eggin' day 2

yesterday I dyed Easter eggs using ties.  you can read all about here.  I ran out of eggs, but still had some ties to use, so I corrected that issue as soon as I woke up and got busy on some tie-dying!

 the eggs on the left are from yesterday

these were the ties I didn't get to use the day before, I was really disappointed in the grey & pink stripes

I used the inside of this tie, the result was very different than the reverse!

ready to be boiled

I used the same water from yesterday- no need to be wasteful!

25 minutes is a long time to boil something, I caught up on my gossip.  according to STAR magazine, she is pregnant with his baby.  poor Sandy.

my favorite from the day

Easter basket, 2010


the flowers are blooming in my garden

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