Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs- 2012 edition

if you follow my blog, or know me personally- then you know that I have a favorite way to dye Easter eggs! if you want instructions on how to do this yourself, read my first post.

this post will be mostly pictures.

 you will need: ties, scissors, string, stock pot, & eggs.
ties must be 100% silk. go to Goodwill or to your local thrift store, I spent $20 on 7 ties.
 I'm most excited for the whales, obviously.
 destroyed! you should be able to dye 2 eggs with 1 tie. you can also use the ties more than once.
 I like to use the fat bottom part of the tie. turn the print TOWARDS the egg, try to flatten the image as much as you can on one side...
 fold up all edges and secure with string- I used yarn because it's what I had at home.
 boil for 20 minutes. allow the eggs to cool to the touch and then...
 reveal! THE BEST PART.
I thought this tie wasn't going to work because it was really shiny, but I was so impressed and happy with how it turned out!
 I always put my favorite eggs in the front.
 I was disappointed with the paisley print, but loved the black & pink print, whales, and purple stripes.
 this green tie really surprised me! the print reminds me of hieroglyphics on the egg.
if you try this please leave me a link in the comments so I can see them!!

*you can NOT eat the eggs. something in the ties is toxic. besides that, 20 minutes is a overly-hard-boiled egg, if you ask me.
**greys and pastels do NOT make for a good looking egg.
***the WORST print you can find is usually the best looking egg.
****the darker the  print= the better the transfer.

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