Thursday, April 9, 2009

what's in a blog?

hi everyone! it's late (for some reason 9:17 feels late to me) and I am tired and trying to figure all of this out. not good for my lack of patience with the headache brewing. which also means that my growling tummy is indicating I forgot to eat dinner. again. this means many things: 1. my 45 minute nap really turned into a 3 hour nap, 2. I woke up about 7:45, so clearly I slept thru "dinner", 3. I am too lazy rightaboutnow to get up and eat something. besides, the dogs are keeping me company and I'm cozy. we can deal with my belly later...

so- why a blog? I am the sole proprietor of my little sock empire! I make little sock critters, well not little, some are down-right HUGE, but you get me? I started off making sock monkeys because my friend, Angel, handmade one for me 2 Christmas' ago. after some research, books, and lots trial and error- I began to sell them. this venture was purely out of necessity since they started taking over my house and the EmJay* was drooling over them waiting for one to fall off of the mantle... (alas, I won!) and after much urging (mostly from Angel again, a diehard etsian) I opened my shop in October and started selling! this was probably one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever put myself thru since you never know how the world will perceive you, or how they will take your interpretations of "art", or if they will redicule... lots of stress. however... I had tons of encouragement and was even invited to participate in a couple of local art shows at Lowell Art Works in Everett, Washington. I participated in two themed shows: The Bone Show and Things That Go Bump in the Night. as you can tell, they both were monster-themed. the first show was a hit! I sold 3 of the 5 critters I put in the show... the second show was not so fair- as I had my first lessons in compromising my artistic integrity- and upped the anty on my pricing. and though I recieved great praise for how "cute" my designs were, none of the sold at the show (until I got home and had an email from someone that they wanted Zombie Socktopus- and I was NOT to sell him to anyone else!). so... the monsters hit my shop, at a lower price and all but 2 have new homes. I still don't understand how the Headless Horsesock has not adorned someone's bookshelf?

from participating in these 2 shows I realized that I love THEMES! oh man, you can really go off when you have a good basis to work from! an upcoming theme I have in mind: the Fable series, to include: Pegasus, Hydra, Centaur, Dragon, Unicorn...

my shop is fairly sparse right now. I am working on a long list of Custom Orders (to be posted at a later date) right now and have not had the opportunity to make something new that I can list. (but trust me, I have thoughts and ideas a'brewin!)

at any rate, I'm going to wrap this up. because I realize I am clearly rambling, and my blog is nothing intersting to look at right now, since I have no pics or anything awesome to peep. (I am working on this...)

goodnite everyone!

*EmJay is my Boxer

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